Making Of: Project Autumn | Environmental Concept Art

Making Of / 23 December 2021

Recently I've been given an opportunity to join this amazing group of talented artists who are currently working on a big Halo fan game, which doesn't have a release date yet, as it's a freelance project called Project Autumn.

To briefly tell you more about this exciting project, it's a Halo fan game being created inside Unreal Engine 4. Project Autumn was born from the desire to provide a fresh new experience for the classic Halo multiplayer that fans know and love. This game is going to feature things like: 

  • First Person
  • Third Person
  • Battle Royale (one of a kind concept that was never done in the Halo community before)
  • Expansive Character Customization Options
  • and much much more..!

Of course to make this incredible project a reality, we first need to imagine how the scenery would look like, right? As they would say a good book isn't a book without your imagination! 

Which brings us to Environmental Concept Art.

A lot of ideas, as well as questions came to my mind when I had the opportunity to approach this project, questions like: When does the game take place? What mood do we go for, dark, moody, or nostalgia, maybe all combined? What Halo game has the most memorable maps and levels?                                                                                                                          

In order to truly answer that question, you have to have played at least one OG Halo game such as Halo Combat Evolved, or Halo 2, to truly understand what makes Halo experience. I for example grew up playing Halo CE on my Dad's PC, and that game is still one of my favorite till' this day. Everything about this game is perfect, the storytelling, the characters, the mood, and most importantly the Environment of it's campaign. Each mission has a deep story to tell, the moment you step foot on the level itself. 

One of the levels that is still to this day my favorite of them all, is the 343 Guilty Spark map from Halo: Combat evolved.

This level just screams terrifying. I remember playing this level when I was eight years old, and how terrified I was, but also incredibly curious at the same time to see the mysteries that this level had to offer. As it can be seen in a few reference screenshots here:

So having all of that in mind, I began to create my first drafts of something that hopefully many would remember as nostalgic, but also to make it so that it holds up in these modern days too.  And let's just say... 

I might've gone into this project being a bit overconfident to say the least. 

Let's start from the first concept art/draft shall we? 

So when I started making some drafts I had a lot of stuff in my head, everything from perspective, lightnings etc.. But I wanted to keep it simple at first and just have a plain 2D look of the Environment, as if you were playing it, meaning from a first person perspective. And I did achieve that, but I felt like something was missing... After some time, and bunch of drafts later, I came to a realisation that maybe if I changed up the perspective, that would give it a unique feel and mood, but soon you'll see why that wasn't the case. Either way I was satisfied with the first idea, but I wanted to try something new for a change.

Here it is! Well sort of... After lots of ideas how I wanted to showoff this perspective, I thought maybe if I did this basin kinda look, it would give off this mysterious, yet, "let's go and explore" it kinda vibe, buuutttt.... I quickly came to realisation that the viewer wouldn't be able too feel that as this is just a plain 2D image, whilst in order to feel that experience, the viewer should be able to explore on it's own in a 3D world.

Then after lots, and lots of ideas I finally decided to settle down with this. As oppose with the other two concepts I don't really know what else to add here, except that I found the perfect way to showoff this misty and creepy forest, and I'm glad how it turned out. If you want to check out the final result of this project, you can click here to see more!

But this is only the beginning of our Project Autumn! 

in case you want to get more insight on this project, follow us, or maybe even contribute to the project and become a developer yourself, I invite you to follow us on social media, or join our official Discord server to get the latest updates on our project! 

This is just the beginning as I have a lot more projects to show you guys! I'll make another blog of my new project that I'll release soon, in the meantime however, let me know down in the comments whether you like this blog thing, how could I improve in it, and most importantly if you enjoy this little breakdown of my Environmental Concept Art! 

I wish you all a wonderful day, and happy Holidays!